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About Us

Cowboy Revival is a small, tight-knit group that believes in a way of life and a knowledge of the land that is at the true heart of country music—and America. Our personal experience working rodeos, ranching, and farming businesses lends added authenticity to our expertise in the country music business while also reviving a connection to the outdoors and simpler times.

Being based in Nashville, we ride shotgun with known celebrity artists, new talent, and time-honored tradition—always on the lookout for the best country music artists to perform at rodeos, sold-out arenas, farm and ranch-related events, and outdoor festivals. We also specialize in intimate, exclusive-audience events where artists and songwriters can deliver three chords and their truth—up-close and personal.

Cowboy Revival believes true country music is real, authentic, and speaks to people’s everyday lives and stories. This belief informs how we plan your live, country music events—from heartfelt songwriter rounds to exciting and expansive outdoor festivals.

Our services

Cowboy Revival handles live-music so you can focus on the main event: yours.

Our process

We kick things off the cowboy way: quietly listening and learning.
We want to know every detail of your market, venue, and audience so we can best tailor your event.
Then we’ll give you our honest recommendation and consultation.


  1. Finding the best artist for your event size and budget.
  2. Securing the artist and contract the event.
  3. Consulting on the marketing and promotion of the event.
  4. Coordinating on-site with a Cowboy Revival entertainment director.
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